How to improve lift truck safety 

Safety is key when it comes to operating heavy vehicles like forklifts, reach stackers and other lift trucks. To protect drivers, other employees and visitors to your yard, Konecranes offer a long line of safety upgrades to your lift truck fleet. Read all about what you can do to offer a safe and secure workplace.


Daily inspections with CheckApp keeps your forklifts safe

It’s important to inspect forklifts every day to keep operations safe. CheckApp is Konecranes’ smartphone app that makes daily inspections quick and easy. All inspection data goes to the customer portal, where you get an overview of every forklift in your fleet. Moving the inspection procedure into an app on a smartphone takes quality to the next level. Not only is data collection more precise and accurate, people can take action on it immediately. This is a major safety improvement.

CheckApp improves safety, increases uptime and extends the lifetime of your forklifts.

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Use Konecranes genuine parts

When you purchase a Konecranes forklift, you get access to the full range of genuine Konecranes OEM spare parts. Using genuine parts is a good way to secure safety, maintain high performance and reduce your overall costs, all while extending the life of your machine.

Take good care of your business and your forklifts - with genuine spare parts from Konecranes.

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Upgrade your forklift safety with Lifetime Advantage

Workplace safety is a top priority. It is important to protect employees working in industrial environments that contain potential hazards. When risks are minimized, drivers can operate with more confidence, and confident drivers tend to be more productive.

 To protect the health and well-being of your forklift drivers and their colleagues at work, Konecranes offers Lifetime Advantage - a number of safety upgrades to meet the needs of your forklift operations. 

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ISO certified lift truck manufacturer keeps your data secure

Keep your Smart Connected Lift Trucks secure. Cooperate with a certified lift truck manufacturer that knows how to safeguard all your business critical data, to minimize the risks of being connected. Konecranes has received the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, ensuring compliance with legal and customer requirements, to keep your information secure at all times.

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